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In recent years, the Internet has become the main selling platform for businesses of all sizes and directions, and web services are perhaps the most popular. We can say with confidence that the promotion of their products on the Internet is necessary for everyone who wants to maximize their profits or increase their brand awareness.

Web services

A business without a site today simply cannot be successful. If your competitor is already developing his page on the Internet, and you have not even thought about it, in a year he will bypass you many times in the development of his business. However, in addition to the creation and administration of multi-page, online stores, portals and landing pages, web studio services also include their promotion. There are two main ways to promote search engines SEO and contextual advertising.

SEO measures over the site to improve its visibility and relevance in search engines. This process is quite long, but relatively cheap (if, of course, not to engage in the purchase of tons of links). The main advantage of this method is that after the end of the active work on promotion, the site still retains its search results for a long time. As a rule, such an approach is suitable for big business, which relies on development and long voyage.
But to whom SEO is most often unnecessary is:
those who need an urgent result in the form of a mass of customers;
those who situationally change their focus in an attempt to “hit the jackpot” here and now.

As for the second type of promotion (contextual advertising), it is used when you need to get leads now, but there is no time for SEO. Such an option costs money, and the effect of it disappears as soon as funding has ceased.

Exceptionally contextual promotion is not very suitable:

big business that wants to be recognizable;
a business that makes rare offers sells products that few people know about, holds events.

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